All creative activities start in the design department.

We visualize the visions of our clients and consultants. We bring the concept and strategic alignment of a project to life. We start with the first strategic layout and finally elaborate every single detail. We create fascinating and functional spa hotel architecture, hotel interior design, spa design and spa equipment design.

Our daily task!
The strategic corporate concept developed by our marketing experts or the client will be further developed into a basic architectural concept of highest functionality, consistent architecture and a floor plan concept.

We have the same approach with interior design as we have with spa hotel architecture. The strategic orientation has to be defined in order to create a holistic concept of architecture and design. The results will be presented directly to our clients. It is essential to achieve the perfect combination of innovative illumination concepts, aromatherapy, background music, interior accessories, adequate furniture and a wide range of spa equipment. This will guarantee the ultimate spa experience for the guests.

Subsequently our design draftsmen will use the concepts with a CAD programme in order to show the technical requirements.

What we stand for
We develop and realise new and individual design for the respective client. We are constantly looking for new ways to offer innovative architecture and design. We are aware of new trends and lifestyle developments as they significantly influence our work.

Our individual success factors
We are capable of combining creativity and functionality in order to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. With great enthusiasm we develop novelties and at the same time redesign existing products. We have a sense for creative solutions which guarantee high functionality. Last but not least we are open-minded about different cultures and their respective preferences for architecture and design.

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