“By saying economical we mean profit-making”

At the end of the day the success of our work is reduced to the money we have earned with it. There are several ways to achieve this goal. We choose the way that will end up in a win-win situation for our client and his guests. The essential thing is to inspire enthusiasm in the guest so that he will visit again and recommend the place to his friends.

Our daily task!
We assist our clients in developing a successful and profitable spa area. Already at the stage of strategic alignment we advise our clients on the adequate operational concept for their respective needs. Here we discuss the range of products, services and accessories, logistic room planning etc. Subsequently, we develop an economic concept for the time before opening, and another one for the spa in service.

One of the decisive success factors is the quality of the staff. Therefore we help our clients to find suitable spa personnel, and we train them to attain ultimate perfection in inspiring enthusiasm in the hotel guests and, as a result, achieve the desired financial success. In addition we audit existing spa areas in order to find ways to increase the cost effectiveness and attractiveness of the spas.

Our individual success factors
We are successful because on the one hand our team members have good soft skills such as empathy, analytic understanding and a solution-oriented attitude; on the other hand they are well experienced in business administration. This is a perfect combination to achieve financial success.

What we stand for
“Focus on the person, emphasize professionalism.”

Our clients` success depends on how much they manage to inspire enthusiasm in their guests. We supply our clients with an economically profitable basis, which offers an extraordinary spa experience to their guests. They will be enthusiastic and happy to visit again.

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