“Do the right things in the right way“

This is our motto. According to this we do our work with great enthusiasm, but also with a sane and critical approach, in order to finally achieve the best result for our clients as well as our internal employer. This is the best motivation and saves time and money.

Our daily task!
On the one hand we support our clients with their corporate identity strategy and marketing agenda, on the other hand we are a professional service provider for the companies affiliated to the Schletterer International Group. We are developing brands and integrative communication strategies, as well as operative marketing plans and all the advertising material needed. We are an important contact when it comes to product development and the arrangement of services.

Our work is constant action and reaction. We observe the market and contact important business partners.

What we stand for
What characterizes the marketing department is that there are experts who are specialized in very diverse areas and yet they form a homogenous team; a highly efficient and harmonious team they say. We are proud of our success. Both our creativity and lateral thinking allow us to develop extraordinary solutions. Last but not least our success is based on the strong commitment and determination of every single member of the team.

Our individual success factor
With passion and enthusiasm we are constantly looking for novelties and the extraordinary. We are creative, critical and realistic. Our specialities are teamwork and perfectionism. Last but not least our team has high communication skills.

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