Our department of project management consists of a team of competent and experienced experts in construction.

Their field of activity includes architecture, interior architecture, the building services and technical drawing. Our project managers supervise and coordinate construction planning and realisation, cost schedules and deadlines in order to meet the client`s requirements. Hence the project manager is the client`s right-hand man who takes care of a smooth and successful realisation.

Our daily task!
Integrative operation is the pre-condition for the successful realisation of a project. Our team makes customised offers which are adapted to the client`s respective needs. We take care of tenders, contracts, accounting and controlling. In the preparatory stage we provide our consultants with competent assistance in defining the task specification. In the planning stage our engineers write the necessary planning documents and supervise the observation and implementation of the project objectives. In the realisation phase we assist our clients in the on-the-spot implementation.

Our objectives
Our objective is the successful realisation of a project. Professional management will lead to smooth and efficient planning and realisation processes. We make sure that the objectives are achieved in every stage of the project.

In principle success is as simple as that
Success is a combination of three factors: Experience, commitment and innovation. With these three essential success factors our team creates extraordinary design, while keeping in mind the magic triangle of costs, deadlines and quality. One of the main criteria of project planning and realisation is profitability, which has to be achieved for our clients and business partners but also for our company.

What we stand for
Everyone said, “This won`t work.” Then there was one who didn`t know that, and made it happen.

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