“We don’t wait for what the future may bring. We want to shape the future!”

(Heinz Schletterer, wellness and spa pioneer)

Heinz Schletterer, who was born shortly after World War II in 1946, grew up nearby Innsbruck. Already in his youth, he was a very eager and curios boy, full of ideas. Eventually this resulted in new business ideas and innovations. He founded and successfully managed the first Austrian home improvement store for tiles, called IKE®A. This brought fresh wind to the industry.

After Heinz Schletterer successfully sold the IKE®A chain in the mid-1980s, he started to engage in the various bathing cultures and rituals and in healing methods from all over the world.

The vision of spa expert Heinz Schletterer was to reinterpret old bathing cultures and health rituals. The vision was based on using creativity, innovation, know-how and entrepreneurial spirit to find an open niche. There were three winners to this concept: the guest, the hotel owner and Mr. Schletterer. Mr. Schletterer quickly found a project partner open for his idea: the former ski jumper and trainer of the Austrian national ski jumping team, Alois Lipburger. He was the first one who used a modern Laconium, developed by Heinz Schletterer, for regeneration purposes for the athletes in his training centre.

The breakthrough came in 1989 with the vision to find a new way of staging the old bathing cultures. Heinz Schletterer developed the first modern wellness and spa facility worldwide in the Alpenrose Hotel on Lake Achensee in Austria. The new facility was enormously successful. People from all over the world soon came to the Alpenrose hotel to admire the first modern wellness and spa facility. The hotel’s occupancy rate increased to 98%. This constituted the foundation for the company’s success of Spa pioneer Heinz Schletterer. The wellness and spa boom was launched.

To date, Heinz Schletterer has developed 1,800 hotel, spa and wellness projects totalling more than 2.5 million m2. Early on, he and his team recognised that the age of Roman baths had been superseded by new, modern spa oases, shaped by health and aesthetic considerations. Today, Heinz Schletterer and his team develop not only wellness facilities, but also entire hotel and wellness resorts. They are also engaged as experts, leading individual destination development projects.

Today, Visionary Heinz Schletterer strongly engages in research and development, in the tourism industry in general, in architecture and design, as well as in innovative spa equipment design and spa treatment concepts. Heinz Schletterer regularly speaks as spa expert at tourism, spa and health congresses and fairs and intrigues his audience with his exceptional know-how, practical approach and with his enthusiasm.

Heinz Schletterer
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