Heinz Schletterer strongly engages in research and development, in the tourism industry in general, in architecture and design, as well as in innovative spa equipment design and spa treatment concepts. He regularly speaks at tourism, spa and health congresses and fairs and intrigues his audience with his exceptional know-how, practical approach and with his enthusiasm.
  • Hotel Conference – Rome (October 2007)

    Hotel experts from all over the world consider it their duty to attend this conference. Renowned experts share their expertise with the audience in the form of expert meetings and panel discussions. Mr. Schletterer was invited to attend a panel discussion and impart his knowledge on spa design, finance, development and management. He was also asked to speak about the subject of spa in an expert meeting.

  • Professional Spa & Beauty in London in March 2008

    Professional Spa & Beauty, ExCel, is the biggest exhibition for the spa industry in the UK. Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design has already been successfully represented at the exhibition in 2007. This year we supplied the Professional Spa Convention with two competent speakers: Heinz Schletterer and Adrian Egger (Senior Consultant of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design). Spa pioneer Heinz Schletterer was invited to discuss the Spa Trends for 2020 with a group of spa experts. Adrian Egger gave an impressive lecture on “creating the wow factor with architecture and design.”

  • Icon Vienna in Vienna 2008

    The Icon Vienna was an international summit meeting attended by Russia and Austria, where the main emphasis was placed on economic interests and the establishment of valuable contacts. The convention was attended by politicians, entrepreneurs, the media, economists and managers of the financial sector. Heinz Schletterer was invited to impart his knowledge of the development of the tourism industry in Russia. Together with other experts he discussed the following subjects: further development of the spa industry in Russia, predominant basic conditions of the current project development, chances and risks for Austrian businesses participating in the Russian market. Heinz Schletterer concluded his lecture by showing impressive pictures of projects in Russia.


  • European Football Championship of the mayors 2008 in Salzburg

    In the course of the European Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland, the European Football Championship of the mayors was held from May 28th to June 1st 2008. 135 mayors of eight different countries participated in this truly unique competition. People were as euphoric and enthusiastic as if they were determined to win the WORLD Championship. Almost. Finally Germany won with Italy and the Ukraine coming in second and third. It goes without saying that the event was sponsored by Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design. The mayors and Heinz Schletterer`s team are united by many common interests such as sports and activity, successful development of a place and profitable concepts for swimming pools. In the end everyone was a winner, and this is the way it should be.


  • Internationalisation of the tourism industry – mature markets turn into growing markets – Zurich 2008

    Companies that are active in new international growth markets are in many cases experiencing extremely successful development. In contrast many destination and tourism companies are situated in mature or even declining markets. The top-class tourism convention that was hosted by the University of St. Gallen showed prime examples and their major strategic factors for internationalisation. Heinz Schletterer was invited to present the success story of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design and to show a way to maintain growth in mature markets and in the future markets of the tourism industry. The professional and very interesting lecture from Heinz Schletterer was well received by the auditory and thus made a significant contribution to the convention`s success.


  • BÖTM Seminar – 09.10.2008

    Tourismus goes in a new age
    Bad Hofgastein, Österreich

    Speaker: Heinz Schletterer
    Theme: Tourism Trends


Heinz Schletterer
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