In your opinion, what are the three most useful inventions?

The “pencil”
In the simplest way it conveys pictures, thoughts, ideas and words, and it works everywhere – even in outer space.

The “laptop”
It enables me to communicate all over the world and to get my creative ideas started.

The “aeroplane”
It turns the world into a small place. It helps me to learn to understand foreign cultures quickly and to present our ideas to a worldwide audience.

What motivates you?

The fascination of seeing how a creative thought turns into a real, functioning whole, which brings people a lot of joy and economic success.

Who do you think deserves a decoration and why?

Leonardo da Vinci, if he were still alive. He freed humanity from many of its limitations, saw the whole picture and had an enormous influence on medicine and technical science.

What are you especially proud to have achieved?

I am proud of my children because of what they have become and because they have both feet on the ground and manage their lives successfully. I am also a little bit proud of the fact that my wellness and spa ideas have triggered a worldwide boom and have become an integral part of the top-class hotel industry.

As a child you wanted to be…?

…the way I am.

How do you relax?

In nature. This is where I relax and unwind and often have creative ideas.

What is a temptation for you?

Whenever I have a brilliant idea I feel the urge to implement it.

Would you please share a worldly wisdom with us?

Whatever you do, do it with joy and enthusiasm and it will never feel like work.

Which painter would you pay a lot of money for?


Where would you like to have your second home?

On an olive grove on Lago di Garda in Italy.

Which would be your last meal?

A bottle of Sassicaia and something delicious from the Mediterranean cuisine. Or even better: A baronial meal with the governor at which we celebrate my reprieve. At that point I would not care what the meal exactly consists of.

Out of all the buildings in this world, which one impresses you the most?

The Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

Which historical figure would you like to meet?

Leonardo da Vinci.

What do people tend to say about you?

That my creativity is my greatest strength but also my greatest weakness.

No one would have thought me to…
…consider money a secondary issue. It’s being successful that’s my key motivator.

To the famous lonely island I would take with me the following three things:

1. a bookcase full of books
2. my mountain bike
3. my sail boat And above all my wife.

You just won a million Euro – what are you going to do?

I would continue to live the way I am living right now.

What’s your greatest athletic achievement?

Crossing the Alps on a mountain bike and achieving an excellent ranking with my racing catamaran.

Heinz Schletterer
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