Spa & nature - an ideal combination

The Garden Spa is an outdoor spa area. Here people can enjoy soothing spa treatments with the starry sky stretching out above them. This is the ideal spa solution for hotels and individuals who want to achieve a combination of spa, health and nature. In addition, garden spas facilitate the extension of existing spa areas, avoiding extensive construction work to the interior spa.

All Garden Spas are individually designed according to the respective strategic alignment of the hotels. The spa equipment may range from traditional installations such as sauna, steam rooms, Laconium, etc. to whirlpools and small refreshment pools as well as special treatment beds.

The establishment of a Garden Spa constitutes an alternative way to extend your spa area if no additional space is available indoors. The surrounding scenery can be integrated in the spa, and the natural conditions such as fresh air and sunshine can be used to create a unique spa experience.

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