A special treat: Hotel suites with a private spa

There is a general tendency towards hotel suites with a private spa. They distinguish themselves by offering a personal, private spa within the hotel room, in order to meet the particular requirements of the guests. The guests can enjoy a very spacious luxurious ambience. Their privacy is protected, because they do not need to use the public spa area. Guests are certainly willing to pay for these high quality standards, provided that there is an ideal combination of design, functionality and ambience. This is the ideal spa solutions for the hotels and individuals who want to achieve a combination of spa and high quality standarts. This is the secret of success for a hotel suite with a private spa.

The advantages of hotel suites with a private spa are evident: The guests enjoy higher quality standards, and the hoteliers benefit from higher prices per room (though investment costs are higher, too). The result is a win-win situation.

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