Just like the human being, every hotel is different. Therefore, there is no general concept for defining the strategy of a hotel featuring a spa.

In this case it’s the individual strategy that counts. Are we talking about a family, music, culture, art, city, children’s or 60+ hotel?

To choose the right strategy, a professional market analysis must be conducted first. Various factors, such as cultural, tourism-related and market-specific aspects, the operator’s targets, the infrastructure and many more must be taken into account. The spa facility will then receive a special focus, depending on the outcome, and will offer a specific range of services. Always make sure that your spa becomes a profit centre and is not just a necessary evil. And this is where the wheat separates from the chaff and the spa architect from the architect.

We have been supporting our clients for 20 years with market analyses, strategic hotel concepts, architecture and turnkey realisation, as well as the key spa management services.

It’s our clients’ success that makes us successful. Therefore we leave nothing to chance.

Talk to us. We are looking forward to supporting you on your way to success.

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