Leisure centres and theme parks have two things in common. They cater for a large number of guests and are exposed to substantial competition.

Therefore, planning a leisure centre or theme park requires focusing on a clear theme and a clear target group, as well as providing an attractive range of services. To ensure that the centre or park can be run profitably, an economic concept must be developed at the planning stage. Clever workflows, efficient and energy-saving technologies, a thought-through sound concept, a perfect temperature concept and many other aspects must be considered.

With our many years of international experience we know where to start to ensure a unique and highly profitable outcome. Specialists from our three divisions design, realisation, and management cover all project stages for developing a successful leisure centre or theme park, starting with project development, a marketing strategy, continuing with hotel architecture, interior & spa design and technical planning, and leading up to turn-key realisation and the required spa management services.

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