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20 years ago Heinz Schletterer, founder and CEO of Schletterer, started his journey, he was looking for new and exciting innovations and ways to reinvent the ancient bathing cultures in unique ways. Today Schletterer is supported in this quest by his entire team.

We would like to invite you on an expedition. Maybe you will discover how we got the stone of the spa boom rolling in 1989, or how the deluxe cruise ship Queen Mary 2 benefited from Mr. Schletterer`s expertise, or how Europe`s largest spa area was planned and constructed within the record time of merely four months. You will also see, the sophistication and creativity that has been applied to guarantee economic success for a spa hotel like the Mohr-Life Resort.
Next time you stay at a spa hotel, take a good look around. Should you happen to experience some kind of “WOW” factor, you may be justified in thinking that you are in a spa designed by the Schletterer Company.

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