01.09.2010    Schletterer International Group presents the “Shaolin Chi Resort” project
On the occasion of the visit of His Holiness Abbot Shi Yongxin to the offices of the Schletterer International Group in Strass in Zillertal, a spectacular project was presented to the public for the first time. The project is currently being developed by Schletterer in close collaboration with the Shaolin monastic order. The world's first Shaolin Chi Resort will be built on the holy mountain of Song Shan (China), also the location for the headquarters of the Shaolin monks.

The holy mountain of Song Shan stands in the heart of China, a place of mystical power and magical beauty. For centuries the mountain has been a meeting place for philosophers, religious leaders and thinkers. No fewer than 72 monasteries and temples have been counted in the area around Song Shan. At the foot of the mountain lies the most famous of all - the monastery of Shaolin, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism. Here the mystical monks of the Shaolin Kung-Fu live and work. Their meditation and incredible physical training mean that for them, the normal laws of physics cease to apply. The holy men believe “your mind can control your body” and this is their lifelong credo. Their martial arts are only ever used for self-defence, never for aggression. The Shaolin temple has a unique history and special significance, particularly in China, since it is considered the birthplace of Zen / Chan Buddhism. Around two million people visit the Shaolin Temple every year.

The wisdom of medicine and health education in the Far East has been appreciated in the West for decades and is enjoying increasing acceptance and popularity in the fields of spa treatment and alternative medicine. Whether acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese massage on the one hand, or Yoga and Ayurveda on the other, the roots and deeper significance of the methods practised are still largely unknown.

The "Shaolin Chi Resort" project
The “Shaolin Chi Resort“ concept, which has been developed by Schletterer at the initiative of His Holiness Grand Master Shi Yongxin, will successfully combine Eastern and Western healthcare knowledge and expertise in the form of a spectacular hotel concept. The planned Shaolin health and wellness resort will of course at the same time allow the values of Chan Buddhism, Shaolin culture, art and medicine to be further reinforced and widely communicated. In selecting a partner, the impressive international reputation and proven expertise of Schletterer proved to be decisive. Schletterer has extensive experience in planning and designing health, wellness and spa facilities worldwide, and producing related feasibility studies and detailed proposals. This experience ultimately resulted in a contract being signed to formalise their cooperation, and secure Schletterer’s services to realise the project. The Shaolin Chi Resort will be a modern but authentic interpretation of culture and wisdom that has existed for centuries. According to Heinz Schletterer, CEO of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design, this will result in the creation of a new concept that represents a place of energy, health and wellbeing, centred on the unity of mind, body and spirit. The health and wellness resort will be in the five star category, with a total area of around 58,830 square metres, and will comprise 119 rooms (including De Luxe and Junior suites, Villas and Presidential suite). In addition to a pool house (approximately 4,200 square metres), the design will feature a Spa/Medical area (approximately 5,500 square metres) and extensive gardens (20,544 square metres) with temples, meditation areas and generous use of water features.

The Potential of the project
Schletterer sees great potential for the world's first Shaolin Chi Resort on the holy mountain of Song Shan, particularly in China, “Tourism is an important stimulus for China's economic development. The number of domestic travellers in the year 2007 alone was 1.6 billion. The primary target market for the project is Henan province, which has almost 100 million inhabitants, of which approximately 18 million can be classified as being in the higher income segment. In addition, the potential catchment area includes many large cities and provinces, in particular Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing, as well as other countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. “Countries in Europe, Africa and overseas are secondary markets for this project, although the internationalization of the project, with further resorts in suitable locations is quite conceivable”, said Schletterer. Overall, the Tyrol wellness pioneer sees a strong economic environment for the planned project, “not least because, following the global information and communications revolution, the focus in society is now on individual well-being. “Over the past few years, health has moved to the top of the pyramid of needs worldwide - and will define the next 30 years. This is why it is so interesting to blend Western and Eastern medical knowledge in a professional and authentic manner.”

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