10.07.2013   Schletterer Relocates and Expands its Dubai Office
We are pleased to inform you of the relocation of our company’s Dubai representative office as of July 2013. Schletterer has been commissioned to work on a wide range of prestigious projects and this has made expansion and relocation of our office essential.

29.03.2010   Arabian Hotel Investment Conference 2010
In times like these, when the financial crisis is proving hard to swallow, it is crucial that businesses face up to the crisis and stay ahead of the competition with a strong brand and successful business model. In the tourism industry in particular, guests are becoming more and more exacting in their demands, and competition in the hotel sector is proving increasingly difficult. Specialists and niche products will make the running in future, particularly those which are based on health and wellness.

For this reason, the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference, which takes place from 1st to 3rd May 2010, in one of its panels will address the theme:
“Which Brands Perform Best under Stress?” Which rules should companies follow in the tourism industry and spa hotel sector?

As an international player in the hotel and spa industry, Schletterer was invited to attend, and Dr. Gerald Huber, Regional Director for the Middle East, will discuss success factors, frameworks and advantages in creating a strong brand in this industry. Dr. Huber will look at successful examples of how hotels can create strong and profitable brands using unique and project tailored Spa concepts. One of the examples will show a very successful SPA branding concept based on the hotel’s unique Food & Beverage selling proposition via its famous chef.

The main advantages and functions of a brand are:
  • Successful brands form a strong emotional bond with the customer
  • Branding helps to influence customer preferences for particular products or brands.
  • An established brand can help to win and retain customers
  • Established brands usually achieve higher turnover and profit margins
  • The competitive advantage of strong brands is substantially better
  • Successful brands are more resistant to crisis
  • Last but not least: a strong brand can significantly increase the value of the business

Key attributes of a successful brand:
  • A successful brand also has a successful business model behind it
  • Brand signals must fit with the core values of the brand and appeal to the target audience
  • The value proposition must be clear and relevant
  • A brand must demonstrate continuity

Schletterer is the leading international brand for planning and realisation of hotel, spa, wellness and health projects. In developing the brand and the business model, it was important to build upon achievements and to create a unique set of values that distinguish the company from its competitors: to swim in a blue ocean of opportunities, rather than plunge a shark tank full of competitors.

The Schletterer business model is based on essential customer needs:
  • Competitive concepts driven by innovation (analysis & strategy; feasibility study etc.)
  • Reliable planning (architecture, interior design, engineering etc.)
  • Cost and quality assurance and guaranteed delivery on schedule (turnkey realisation, project management etc.)

It is a ‘one stop shop’ concept – everything from one source avoiding interfaces.

Our strategic direction has also helped us to remain successful during periods of crisis. We have been able to acquire new projects thanks to our ‘blue ocean’ strategy, as we are able to offer added value that our competitors are unable to match.

Interview with Dr. Gerald Huber
This is a great opportunity to arrange an interview with our Regional Director for UAE and GCC, Dr. Gerald Huber, to discuss:
  • New lifestyle trends which will increase the importance of sustainability in tourism
  • Trends in architecture and design. What will happen in the near future? Why will architecture be used more and more as a marketing tool in the hotel industry? What are the ecological considerations?
  • Hotel development. How hotels can achieve success and profitability, by creating an attractive concept which combines Food & Beverage – nutrition – health – spa.
  • Medical spa projects. Which new business models will work best in future, and what are the business ideas behind them?
  • How can hotels and day spas position their brands for success?

Company’s profile
Schletterer is the leading planning and consulting company for hotel, spa and health projects worldwide. Our company specializes in feasibility studies, strategic concepts, spa audits architecture & planning, interior design, M & E planning design and realisation.
Having planned and designed in excess of 1800 Spa's worldwide, covering more than 2.5 Million sq meters of Spa Design, we are able to offer our clients a future proof and innovative service portfolio, providing everything they need to develop successful hotel’s, spa’s and health projects around the world.

From the very first strategic vision to architectural design leading onto a turn key realisation, Schletterer is able to deliver an overall “worry-free-package”. This increases project and guarantees excellent quality at all times. Schletterer creates added value for its customers and gives them exactly the guarantees they are looking for a leading company.

Schletterer’s head office is located in Austria, with consulting offices in the UK, Dubai, UK, Russia, Spain, Egypt and Hong Kong.

With more than 20 years of international experience, we know how to create unique and profitable concepts for the Spa, Hotel, tourism, and cruise liner industries

Contact our Dubai office
to arrange interview:

The Wellness & Spa Company LLC
Grosvenor Commercial Tower
Suite 2803, Sh.Zayed
Rd POBox 191175 Dubai | U.A.E
t: +971 4 3296601
f: +971 4 3296602
Head Office Austria:

Schletterer Wellness&Spa Design GmbH
6261 Strass im Zillertal
Bundesstraße 190
f +43 5244 62005 50
t +43 5244 62005

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26.06.2008   Building a healthy future
With the Cube, a unique and innovative landmark tower, Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design plans a most modern Sports-Medical-Spa,...

...situated in Dubai Sports City. This location is destined to be the world’s premier sporting destination.

Dubai, UAE, June 2008: The Cube is a unique project which provides condo residences with about 50 to 285 sqm, offering the full service of a hotel. It serves even highest demands as it does not only provide ultra modern apartments but also outstanding sports and lifestyle facility on two floors and an additional pool floor with amazing views. It includes a wellness & spa area with sophisticated sport-medical competence ready to cover needs of both top professional athletes as well as to health conscious people. As a leading German development company BMG Group has chosen Dubai Sports City to be the site of their most exciting project yet. Under that purpose BMG has partnered with Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design for realizing an outstanding sports and medical spa concept.

Positioning the Cube as “the sports hotel” in Dubai the Wellness & Spa area high lightens its unique orientation because of its outstanding facilities and treatments. On 3.000 sqm external and internal guests will enjoy high class sports and medical facilities like cardio, weight, kinesis training as well as active exercise zones, physio therapist services and oxygen infusions. In addition to special therapy sections the spa will offer elements such an infinity treatment pool, signature sport & wellbeing treatments, ceremony treatment suites and a 4 Senses Spa Zone. Outstanding treatment and beauty facilities (Serail-, herbal-, steam- and salt inhalation bath, cosmetic and ayurveda treatments) as well as a holistic thermal & refreshing zone with bio sauna, laconium, floating sound pool, etc. will create well-being atmosphere on highest standards. By the beginning of 2010 the Cube should be completed.

“Dubai Sports City is not only a major development project – it is also an important asset for the region in attracting revenue and also contributing to a wider culture of involvement in sport.”, Gerd Wuhlert, Managing Director, BMG Group.

Wellness and Dubai – two booming topics The medical wellness development in the global tourism can’t be ignored anymore. There will be multifunctional concepts which offer a number of treatments and therefore are top cost-efficient. Spa equipment shall increasingly address all senses, must be state-of-the art and blends in with the whole concept. „In the future those spa concepts will succeed which focus on preventative health care. Medical examinations will soon be part of medical spas”, Dr. Gerald Huber, Regional Director UAE / GCC, Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design.

Dubai, being an incredible fast growing metropolis, the increasing people awareness of healthy nutrition, sports, mental balance, as well as the climate circumstances of course latest tourism trends needs to be considered and even be created. Under that purpose BMG partnered with Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design, known as innovative trendsetter in spa consulting and spa design, to create the best to cover all the guest demands in one competent, fascinating offer.

Unique low-oxygen spa Supporting this trend BMG Group offers a unique selling point by implementing a ground-breaking German technology, which offers athletes an innovation in medical prevention and rehabilitation. This technology is used to increase red blood cells by reducing oxygen in the air, a situation only experienced at high altitudes. Considering such sport and medical wellness aspects (vitality, relaxation, and wellness experiences, nutrition and sports medical programs) in one offer, the Cube clearly positions as a top sportive competence with outstanding health spa facilities. Athletes, football teams but also health and sport conscious people will find best circumstances for a healthy stay. Also the medical metabolic benefit of this high-altitude training (in view of diabetes therapy) is considered.

Schletterer grows Arabian presence With Dr. Gerald Huber as the regional director for UAE / GCC and his team Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design has already approached successfully the Arab world for years by demonstrating their international experience and appreciation of different cultures creating fascinating projects. To guarantee an effective workflow as well as the highly quality-oriented service for clients, Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design runs a new office in Dubai. Next to Dr. Gerald Huber, Ms. Sarah Louise Lumley, senior consultant, works on a multitude of projects.

Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design
The Wellness & Spa Company LLC
Grosvenor Commercial Tower, Suite 2803, Sh.Zayed Rd
POBox 191175
Dubai | U.A.E
t: +971 4 3296601
f: +971 4 3296602

Heinz Schletterer and Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design – “We spa your world” In 1989 Heinz Schletterer played a decisive role in the initiation of a spa boom within the hotel industry by creating the first modern hotel spa at Hotel Alpenrose at lake Achensee in Austria. Word spread soon not only of the spa`s benefit for the guests, but also of its profitability for the hotelier. Since then Heinz Schletterer has become famous for his innovative ideas and trend-setting concepts. His expertise can be noted just looking at his spa designs. Moreover he acts as keynote speaker on international conventions and imparts his knowledge via numerous publications in specialised media.

Heinz Schletterer is not only spa expert and pioneer but also CEO of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design. The company stands for unique solutions with high profitability regarding conception, architecture, design, engineering, realisation and professional spa management. Heinz Schletterer and his team has already established more than 1,500 spa installations of over 2 million square metres. The range includes small home spas, cruise ships and large destination spas. More than 120 employees in Strass and all international offices achieved an annual turnover of € 25 million in 2007.

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26.06.2008   Investitionen in eine gesunde Zukunft
Mit dem Projekt Cube, einem einzigartigen und innovativen Wolkenkratzer mitten in Dubai Sports City, plant Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design...

...einen modernen Sports-Medical-Spa der Extraklasse. Diese Location ist als Top Destination weltweit für Sportler und Leistungsathleten konzipiert.

Dubai, UAE, June 2008: Das Cube ist ein einzigartiges Projekt, welches sich aus einzelnen Wohneinheiten von 50 bis 285 m² zusammensetzt, dennoch aber das ganze Service eines Hotels bietet. Es bietet einerseits nicht nur hoch moderne Wohnungen, andererseits beherbergt das Cube eine herausragende Sport- und Freizeiteinrichtung über 2 Etagen und zusätzlicher Poolebene im 12. Stock, alle mit atemberaubendem Ausblick. In Ergänzung dazu wurde ein mondäner Wellness & Spa Bereich konzipiert, der sowohl medizinische als auch sportliche Kompetenz vereinbart und Leistungssportler und gesundheitsbewusste Menschen gleichermaßen anspricht. Das deutsche Unternehmen BMG hat sich mit Dubai Sports City den idealen Partner zur Realisierung des bisher aufregendsten und beeindruckendsten Projektes ausgesucht. In diesem Sinne holte sich BMG das österreichische, weltweit bekannte Unternehmen Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design zur Planung, Design und Realisierung eines einzigartigen und begeisternden Medical Spa.

Der Wellness & Spa Bereich hebt durch sein außergewöhnliches Design und Einrichtung sowie speziellen Anwendungen, die besondere Positionierung des Cube heraus. Auf ca. 3.000 m² können sowohl interne, als auch externe Gäste die exklusiven Medical-sport Einrichtungen wie Herzkreislauf-, Gewichts- und Kinesistraining ausüben sowie spezielle Physiotherapeutische Anwendungen und Sauerstoff Infusionen beanspruchen. Zusätzlich zu eigenen Therapiesektionen bietet der Wellness & Spa Bereich wohltuende Elemente und Anwendungen wie ein Infinity Treatment Pool, sport- und wohlfühlausgerichtete Signature Treatments, beeindruckende Ceremony Treatment Suites und eine 4 Senses Spa Zone. Entspannende Behandlungen im Beautybereich (Serail-, Kräuter-, Dampf- und Salzinhalationsbäder, Kosmetik sowie Ayurveda Behandlungen) sowie, unter ganzheitlichen Gesichtspunkten konzipierte Thermal- und Erfrischungszonen, mit Bio Sauna, Laconium, Floating sound pool, etc. schaffen eine einzigartige Wohlfühlatmosphäre der Extraklasse. Geplante Eröffnung des Cube ist für Anfang 2010 angesetzt.

“Dubai Sports City stellt nicht nur einen größeren Meilenstein in der Projektentwicklung dar, sondern gilt auch als wichtiger Bestandteil für die Region, um einerseits attraktive Einnahmen zu generieren und andererseits das Kulturverständnis zum Sport zu verbessern.”, Gerd Wuhlert, Generaldirektor, BMG Group.

Wellness und Dubai – zwei boomende Bereiche Die beachtliche Medical Wellness Entwicklung im Dubai Tourismus kann nicht mehr verleugnet werden. Die Zukunft wird multifunktionale Konzepte mit einer Vielzahl an Anwendungen und Behandlungen bringen, welche dazu noch sehr kosteneffizient sind. Spa equipment muss zukünftig alle Sinne ansprechen, state-of-the art sein und für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung stimmig mit dem Gesamtkonzept sein. „Zukünftig werden solche Spa Konzepte Erfolg haben, die ganz bewusst auf präventive Gesundheitsvorsorge setzen. Medizinische Untersuchungen werden bald Teil von Medical Spa’ sein“, Dr. Gerald Huber, Regional Director UAE / GCC, Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design.

Dubai gilt als sehr schnell wachsende Metropole. Das Bewusstsein der Bevölkerung für gesunde Ernährung, Sport, mentale und geistige Balance sowie die klimatischen Bedingungen müssen bei Tourismustrends berücksichtigt und teilweise neu geschaffen werden. Basierend auf diesen Voraussetzungen fand BMG einen starken, kompetenten Partner in Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design, bestens bekannt als innovative Trendsetter in Spa Planung- und Spa Design, um in einem kompetenten, faszinierenden Angebot die Ansprüche der Gäste zu übertreffen.

Einzigartiges “low-oxygen” Spa BMG setzt diesen innovativen Weg fort und bietet eine bahnbrechende Technologie aus Deutschland an, die sowohl Sportlern als auch Leistungsathleten einen komplett neuen Ansatz in medizinischer Prävention und Rehabilitation ermöglicht. Diese Technologie bewirkt die Vermehrung von roten Blutkörperchen indem der Sauerstoffgehalt im Raum reduziert wird – eine Situation, die nur in extremen Höhenlagen zustande kommt. Unter Berücksichtigung dieser sportlicher und medizinischer Wellness Aspekte (Vitalität, Entspannung, Wohlbefinden, Ernährung und sport-medizinischen Programmen) in einem Angebot, positioniert sich das Cube definitiv als Sport-Kompetenzzentrum mit faszinierender gesundheitsorientierter Spa Oase. Leistungssportler, Fußballteams aber auch sport- und gesundheitsorientierte Menschen werden hier beste Bedingungen für einen fitten und vitalen Aufenthalt finden. Vor allem nicht zu unterschätzen ist auch der positive Einfluss des Höhentrainings auf das Stoffwechselsystem des Menschen (gerade bei Diabeteserkrankungen).

Heinz Schletterer und Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design – “We spa your world” Das Unternehmen Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design ist ein weltweit führendes Spa-Planungs- und Spa-Consulting-Unternehmen. Basierend auf den drei integrativ arbeitenden Divisions Design-Realisation-Management reicht das Leistungsspektrum von der strategischen Marketingplanung über Architektur & Design, der schlüsselfertigen Realisierung von Wellness- und Spa-Anlagen, genauso wie von Hotelprojekten mit verschiedenen Spa Betreiberservices. Darüber hinaus stellt das Destination Management im Rahmen der Projektentwicklung eine wichtige Säule des Unternehmens dar.

Der Firmengründer, CEO und Wellnesspionier Heinz Schletterer hat gemeinsam mit seinem Experten-Team bis heute weltweit über 1.500 Wellness-Anlagen mit über 2 Mio. qm, von der kleinen Privat-Oase über Spa-Anlagen in Hotels, Spa-Hotels, kompletten „Stand Alone“ Spas, Medical Spas bis zu riesigen Wellness-Erlebnis-Parks errichtet. Mit über 120 Mitarbeitern im Headoffice in Strass i. Zillertal und in den Niederlassungen und Repräsentanzen in England, Dubai, Russland und Ägypten wurde 2007 ein Umsatz von ca. 25 Mio. Euro erwirtschaftet.

08.07.2008   Seven Tides Plans Largest Spa Projects in the Middle East
Oceana Resort & Spa and The Royal Amwaj to feature exclusive Spas

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 08 July 2008: Seven Tides, the independent Dubai-based holding company, which is contributing to the property industry through its hospitality and property divisions, will be collaborating with internationally top-rated spa expert Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design, in order to set up two luxurious first-rate spa projects of 2,800 and 2,900 square metres.

Oceana Resort & Spa will be featuring the largest Thalasso-spa in the Middle East, using sea water for preventive and curative treatments. This will comprise of 2,900 square metres where a large variety of Thalasso pools will intersect with an underwater world projected onto transparent walls. In addition, a two-storey Balinese-Asian spa village comprising of 2,800 square metres will be situated in The Royal Amwaj Resort & Spa.

"Working with internationally experienced Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design will provide Seven Tides’ mix-used developments with world-class facilities and create an environment where wellbeing and relaxation meets residents and clients' individual expectations," said Malcolm Ross, COO, Seven Tides. “Partnering with this key player is one of the ways that Seven Tides is differentiating its hospitality offering. Bringing world-class luxury to our projects is in-line with our corporate philosophy."

Gerald Huber, Middle East Director at Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design added, "In Dubai, only the best prevail and we believe that our spa service will fit with the emirate’s luxurious amenities and developments. We aim to strengthen our position in the Middle Eastern market. Partnering with Seven Tides, a developer with prestigious luxury developments on the Palm Jumeirah, is a vital first step. We are proud to bring our luxurious touch to Seven Tides’ developments through our spa expertise."

The Royal Amwaj is a multi-use luxury development located on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, reproducing an exotic and intimate atmosphere via Balinese single treatment bungalows along with special wellness treatments and spa equipment. A healthcare area will be situated within the Spa village and Holistic-Cocooning treatments will be available bringing a complete relaxation therapy scenario. This exclusive treatment will include fascinating and fulfilling areas with light, sound projection and aroma therapy. The decorations as well as colours complete the whole image of a Balinese island. The Royal Amwaj will be an exceptional facility for massages, and a complete array of body treatments offering therapy and relaxation.

Oceana Resort & Spa, located on the trunk of the Palm will feature two towers joined together by a glass bridge featuring a pool and spa area. This characteristic will outline the underwater world and aquarium look that will be projected on the glass front of this bridge. The largest Thalasso pool area in the Middle East providing saltwater treatment, a new kind of seaweed treatment combined with integrated meridian stimulation and further special Thalasso treatments are some of the appealing treatments on offer. Innovative services such a as barrier reef bath, will procure an exclusive inhalation experience along with an aqua meditation room for a perfect relaxation experience with a water and light ceremony.

Seven Tides was established in Dubai in July 2004 with a commitment to bring property and hospitality together, introducing an innovative approach to integrated development. Since its inception, the company manages various projects in premier locations and caters to individual clients' needs with a strong focus on quality service and standards.

– Ends –

Seven Tides
Established in 2004, Seven Tides was created to mature in pace with the rapidly growing region and property industry in the Middle East. This Dubai-based developer brings together the property and hospitality sectors, introducing an innovative approach to multi-use developments. Seven Tides partnered with international key players in order to develop four luxury projects including the building of two 5-star developments on the famous Palm Jumeirah. Seven Tides sought-after developments are designed for an exclusive lifestyle. Through luxury touches, upscale residences, finest finishes, Seven Tides developments will offer a high standard of living in unmatchable locations. Seven Tides developments create unique destinations providing developments with strong individual characteristics that provide tailored services to its residents and guests.

Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design
The renowned company Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design stands for unique solutions with a high profitability. Spa design, hotel architecture and hotel interior design, the realisation and professional management services is the companies' core business. CEO and owner Heinz Schletterer and his team have designed more than 1,500 spas on a total surface of over 2 million square metres. The range includes small home spas, hotel spas, spa hotels, medical spas and large destination spas. With more than 120 employees working at the head office in Strass/Austria, the company achieved a turnover of EUR 25 million in 2007. As a global player, Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design runs offices in Dubai, Spain, the UK, Russia and Egypt.

For more information contact:
Hayet Zenati
Senior Account Executive
Buchanan Middle East
Tel: +971 (0) 4 369 8559
Mobile: +971 (0) 50 250 5410

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