Aqua Dome

Against the beautiful backdrop of the Oetztal Alps, the SPA 3.000 – named after the surrounding 3,000 meter Alpine peaks – features a number of themed spa areas:

Herbal world:
The healing properties and soothing effects of alpine herbs are a central theme in various applications.

A variety of local alpine herbs are found in the „Alpenkräuter Sauna“ (alpine herbal sauna), the „Kräuter Packungsbad“ (herbal pack bath) with a selection of soothing herbal packs and in the relaxation area of the „Kräutertee Veranda“ (herbal tea veranda).

Fire & Ice World:
The SPA 3000 uses the contrasts of hot and cold with the “Bergfeuer-Sauna” ( mountain fire sauna), the relaxation areas “Ruhe ums Feuer” (peace around the fire) and “Schweberuhe“ (floating peace) and a modern interpretation of the traditional „Längenfelder Badln“. With the breathtaking scenery of the Oetztal mountains, you can enjoy the soothing effect of the thermal water in a unique way.

Mineral world:
The health enhancing aspects of minerals and precious stones unfold in „Ötztaler Kristallbad“ (Oetztal crystal bath) and „Mineralien Erlebnis Dusche“ (minerals experience shower). Selected minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, selenium and lithium are added to the Oetztal crystal bath, and offer guests a particularly soothing and healing spa experience. Guests can enjoy private spa pleasure with the “Ötztaler Doppelpack” (Oetztal double pack).

Spa pleasure in three acts
The dramaturgy of the individual spa areas thrive on the skillfully prepared harmony of the theme. All senses are invigorated and ensure a multi-sensory experience that inspires the guest.

Services by Schletterer®
  • Business Vision
  • Strategic workflow concept
  • Concept strategy & schematic design
  • Cost estimation for the interior
  • Individual room development and creation of an artistic prepared visualization for the developed room incl. material definition
  • CAD overview plan
  • Cost estimation – spa equipment
  • Interior design – detailed planning
  • Interior design – sample boards
  • Spa equipment technical detailed planning
  • Spa equipment tender documents

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Facts and Figures
Project: Aqua Dome
Client: VAMED Standortentwicklungs und Engineering GmbH & Co KG
Period of realisation: March 2011 to December 2012
Scope of the project: 2.000 m²
Topic: SPA 3.000
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