Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose

In addition to paying particular attention to the children, the Alpenrose has always focused on comprehensive spa and beauty equipment. The existing complex – including an older building and a modern extension – has been extended with further attractions for the spa and beauty area.

Spa and children, these two topics are not easy to marry. But by establishing clearly defined areas, we managed to find a successful solution. In order to satisfy all those involved, we created separate areas for children, areas that are used by both children and adults, and relaxation areas for adults only.

A further spa and beauty area has been added to the existing spa. A special attraction for the new relaxation area is the futuristic 4 Senses Spa Zone. An ambience of security is provided by the slightly curved glass dome canopying eight 4 Senses Loungers which are positioned in a circle. Stimulating the four senses, the 4 Senses Spa Zone creates the sensation of deep relaxation. When the guest takes the first step onto the soft floor of the 4 Senses Spa Zone, he or she willimmediately notice that this room is mainly focused on his well-being.

The Himalaya Salt Stone Sauna brings a touch of Himalaya to the area of the Zugspitze. Pure salt stones from the most famous and highest massif in the world enchant the room with an exotic touch, flooding the area with the colour of salmon pink. The salty air has a very positive effect on both the airways and skin.

Our brand new Reflexology Foot Spas are not only eye-catching; they also offer an ultimate spa experience for the feet. The foot spa experience is completed with a soft and refreshing atomised spray session. Cosy relaxation is provided by the so-called Bubblechairs.

In the new Seraglio Bath, guests can enjoy the pleasant and purifying effect of a mud bath. The state-of-the-art treatment room features a high air humidity which also enhances the positive effects of the mud bath.

A visit to the spa suite represents a special highlight for the guests. Here they are pampered with a spa trilogy including a soap brush massage, a steam bath and a vis-à-vis duo pool. The inviting relaxation area of the spa suite is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Our services
Concept, planning, realisation and equipment of the spa and beauty area Schletterer is responsible for the design and turnkey realisation of the following equipment:
  • Himalaya Salt Stone Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Seraglio bath
  • 4 Senses-Spa Zone, including eight 4-Senses Loungers
  • Reflexology Foot Spa
  • Atomised spray session
  • Hammam soap brush bed
Delivery of the following spa equipment:
2 Ayurveda Beds

We were asked to develop a spa and beauty area that unites the existing traditional building and the modern extension. Our planners opted for a modern yet timeless version to avoid running the risk of being outdated in the near future.

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Facts and Figures
Project: Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose, Lermoos/Austria – Hotel & Spa
Client: Family Ernst and Andrea Mayer
Period of
July to December 2007
Size: 400 m²
Topic: Modern spa design featuring architecture and intriguing ambience
Acknowledgement by the client

"Our house, the Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose****S in Lermoos/ Austria is established as the specialist for holidays with children in all of Europe. Wellness is of enormous importance - it offers well deserved relaxation to the parents and fun and action to the kids. Thanks to the creative ideas of Schletterer a unique spa facility emerged which fullfills all wishes of our superior guests from all over the world. Many thanks for the great cooperation!"
Ernst Mayer, Hotel Alpenrose

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