Romantic Hotel Sackmann

Sackmann Hotel is a perfect example for being successful in the highly competitive tourism market. The pre-requisites are passion and creativity Jörg Sackmann, repeatedly decorated German celebrity chef and hotelier – Sackmann Romance Hotel has been family-owned since 1927 – put his heart and soul in the specialisation on the issue of pleasure.

Situated in the picturesque Murgtal, Schwarzwald, the hotel has always been an attraction to guests who have wanted to enjoy the landlord’s exceptional cuisine and the excellent service of the hotel within the tranquillity of nature. Schletterer has been entrusted with a new concept for the rather dated spa area.

The new spa area consists of a new building that has been erected on the old structure and a separate extension. The herbal and floral steam bath and the Himalaya Salt Stone Sauna feature the preferred ingredients of Mr. Sackmann`s cuisine.

At the Kelosauna the guests can smell the scent of pine wood in combination with wine and honey which are used for aromatic steam treatments. And once again there is the association to herbs and salts, which is also present in the relaxation room. Further highlights are: a spa trilogy room including Hammam, the infinity solo pool, a Seraglio bath for two, the newly designed swimming pool, an aroma pool (comprising of a total water area of 100 square metres), along with an ice fountain. The beauty and fitness area comprises of reflexology foot spas, soft pack beds, waterbeds, an Aquaveda room, beauty treatments and massages, as well as a gym and a bar offering healthy refreshments.

The design of the spa area is modern and clear, without appearing clinical. The international ambience alludes to the cosmopolitan cuisine of the landlord.

Our services
Conceptual design, detailed planning, tender and design of the entire spa area, design and turnkey realisation of the entire spa oasis:
  • Himalaya Salt Stone Sauna,
  • Herbal Bath,
  • Seraglio Bath,
  • Crystal Bath,
  • Kelo Sauna,
  • Hammam Soap Brush Bed,
  • Reflexology Foot Spas,
  • Aquaveda Bed,
  • Steam showers,
  • Snail showers,
  • Ice fountain
Delivered spa equipment:
  • 7 waterbeds
  • Whirlpool bath for 2 people
  • Massage and beauty beds
  • Fountain element

It is has been a very exciting challenge to apply the topic of culinary pleasures to a spa. It was significant to find a well-balanced approach to the challenge. The implementation of the topic had to be perceivable and conclusive while avoiding over stimulation. In addition, we had to combine the old structure with a new extension, which also demands a certain amount of sensitivity.

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Facts and Figures
Project: Romantic Hotel Sackmann/Germany – Hotel & Spa
Client: Family Jörg Sackmann, Hotel Sackmann, Baiersbronn/Germany
Period of
January to July 2008
Size: 1,000 m²
Topic: Combination of spa experience and culinary delicacies, such as herbs, salt, wine and honey
Acknowledgement by the client

Excellent cooperation is an important success factor. Jörg Sackmann: “Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design develops individual projects tailored to the respective needs and creativity. The company has an extraordinary way of working. The team of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design have shown an immense amount of creativity and sensitivity, and have found a unique way of implementing the topics pleasure and well-being. I am impressed by the future-oriented alignment of the spa. It has been a pleasure to work with this company!“

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