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Surrounded by the impressive Upper Tauern, at an altitude of 750 m, Zell am See is embedded between the lakefront of lake Zell and the mountainside of Zell`s landmark mountain Schmittenhöhe.
Here you can find the four star hotel Tirolerhof, very popular among sportspersons as well as those looking for recreation. The guests are intrigued by the perfect combination of traditional ambience and modern comfort.

Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design has been asked to design and extend the Aquarena Vitalwelt, a spa area of 300 square metres.

Traditional, natural cosiness meets creativity
As soon as you enter the new spa area at hotel Tirolerhof you notice the pleasant smell of stone pine wood. You can feel a nature-loving atmosphere right from the start! And your eyes can only confirm the sensation of your nose: The use of natural materials is evident. The spa is equipped with various types of wood, the tiles are made of rock and the wash basins are huge, hollowed out stones. A cosy fireplace situated next to an elaborate fountain illuminated by LED contributes to the comfy ambience. The entire furniture reflects modern design flirting with traditional elements. The natural cosiness of the spa area is intensified by huge panorama windows that offer a magnificent view of the beautiful alpine landscape. Many elaborate details and accessories show how important it is to the hotelier that his guests enjoy their visit to the spa and are surprised by the services offered.

Spa Trilogy Rooms open up new dimensions of recreation
The spa includes various areas of recreation which offer many different and often surprising experiences of relaxation. There are two Spa Trilogy Rooms. One of them includes a Seraglio Bath, the Infinity Solo Pool, an Aquaveda bed and a comfy relaxation area. The Seraglio Bath has an agreeable water temperature and offers a combination of various wet packs and steam treatments, which have a soothing effect. At the Infinity Solo Pool, the guests are pampered with massage jets, various illumination effects and aromatic scents which have a relaxing effect on body and mind.
The Aquaveda bed is used for several massage treatments, as well as Ayurvedic treatments with essential oils. The relaxation area is equipped with a cosy king-size waterbed and illuminated with a dim light that features special details of design.

Holistic Cocooning – welcome to the future
The second Spa Trilogy Room introduces a novelty that has just recently been launched on the market: Holistic Cocooning! Holistic Cocooning is the combination of a futuristic bed and a sophisticated multimedia concept that one can experience even with closed eyes. Those of you who want to know what it feels like to rest on the warm belly of a sleeping giant must not miss the extraordinary experience of Holistic Cocooning. In the beginning, the especially developed reclining area which is warm and filled with air, gently sways in harmony with the user`s respiratory rhythm. This rhythm will be gradually reduced which has the effect of slowing down the user`s breathing rate. This is a very soothing and relaxing experience. The multimedia projections are in perfect harmony with the breathing rate. The combination of especially developed sound compositions, visual effects and aromatherapy is adapted to the guest`s present mood which has been determined prior to the treatment. The entire Holistic Cocooning procedure is based on the teachings of the temperaments which help to recover one`s balance. Positive emotions will be encouraged and negative emotions will be extenuated. Apart from the Holistic Cocooning treatment, this Spa Trilogy Room surprises the guests with a steam room and a special multifunctional pool that can be used for partner treatments. Inviting the guests to rest after the treatments, the comfy relaxation area represents the perfect conclusion of a day at the spa.

4 Senses Lounge: a new way of relaxation
A further attraction of the spa is the 4 Senses Lounge that is equipped with two so-called 4 Senses Loungers. The extraordinary concept of recreation which is based on TCM includes the emission of sound, scent and light in combination with soft vibrations in order to affect the four senses (hear, smell, see and feel). Furthermore, the guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the alpine landscape through panoramic glazing, which also contributes to the special ambience of the 4 Senses Lounge.

A wide variety of treatments
At the spa area of hotel Tirolerhof the guest will find everything his heart desires: beauty treatments, treatments for recreation such as Shiatsu, singing bowls, Thai massages and traditional massages. At the well-assorted bar serving tea and vitamin-packed drinks the guest can refill his body with vitamins and mineral nutrients in a healthy and delicious way.


Strategic concept – interior architecture – engineering – equipment

  • Seraglio bath
  • 4 Senses Lounge
  • Aquaveda bed
  • Holistic Cocooning including multimedia projection
  • Multifunctional steam room
  • Infinity Solo Pool
  • Reflexology Foot Spas

Delivered spa equipment:

  • Waterbeds
  • 4 Senses Lounger
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Facts and Figures
Project: Hotel Tirolerhof, Zell am See/Austria – Hotel & Spa
Client: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Posch, Hotel Tirolerhof, Zell am See/Austria
Period of realisation: July to December 2008
Size: ca. 300 m²
Topic: Traditional, natural cosiness meets creativity
Reaction of the client

“Our cooperation with Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design was very good, especially because of the company`s sensitive understanding and extraordinary realisation of our demands. Existing structures and resources have been respected in a sensitive way. Now we are relishing a great spa which is a perfect combination of those values that are important to me – the traditional ones – and the uniqueness of nature. The new concept of the spa is of additional benefit to our guests who have reacted with enthusiasm.”

Walter Posch

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Hotel Tirolerhof
5700 Zell am See
Tel: +43 (0)6542 772
Fax: +43 (0)6542 772-70

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