Cube - Medical & Sports Resort

The Cube is a 25-storey building, which is constructed in the Dubai Sports City, a district of Dubai, especially designed for the purpose.

In the future, Dubai Sports City shall be the top destination for international sports events, and a centre for top athletes and competitive athletes. In addition to 572 apartments measuring between 50 and 280 square metres, the spa area on the ground and first floor and the swimming pool on the 12th floor comprising a total of 3,000 square metres will represent the highlights of the complex. Planning and design are definitely focused on health, sports and fitness and on the necessary equipment, services and support.

The medical spa is available for both residents and day guests. On the ground floor they find aroma steam rooms, herbal baths, a swimming pool featuring a special underwater sound experience, a salt grotto, a Laconium, an aqua meditation room and a great variety of multi-sensory showers. Furthermore there is a communicative relaxation area with a bar that offers healthy refreshments.

The separable VIP spa is also situated on the ground floor. Here two people can enjoy their private spa featuring a foot jacuzzi, and various spa installations and services such as a multi-sensory shower, soap brush massages, a Laconium/steam room and a low temperature sauna.

The centre of the medical spa is on the first floor, because this is the place where the entire sports equipment and training modules can be found. They represent a very important part of the spa concept. Special attraction: State-of-the-art technology enables competitive athletes to practice professional altitude training in atmospheres equivalent to 5,000 metres above sea level. With the so-called low-oxygen technology a particular number of training sessions will lead to a considerable energy addition due to a doubling of red blood cells. This technique has already been successfully applied with the treatment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Also planned on this floor are further spa and recreation areas featuring steam room, multi-sensory showers and relaxation corner, as well as the entire sports area for aerobics, yoga and gymnastics and various bars serving vitamin containing, healthy drinks.

In order to guarantee ideal support and service there will be special rooms reserved for the analysis of training sessions, developmental programmes and physiotherapy treatments. Competent medical and sports support to raise the level of well-being are guaranteed by two special therapy areas including infinity treatment pool, holistic cocooning, various sports and well-being treatments, hypoxy therapies for cycling and running sessions and the relaxing 4 senses lounger.

Additional services will be kneippism, treatments with hot and cold water and foot jacuzzis. Special attraction is the innovative completion of a kneippism session in a cold water foot jacuzzi. The spa will also feature Ayurveda treatments, massages and a salt grotto.A spacious relaxation area, equipped with cosy waterbeds, invites to relax and unwind.

Our services
Strategic and functional spa conception, profitability analysis, detailed interior architecture, spa engineering, detailed spa equipment design and engineering.

Both our expertise and long-time international experience, and the fact that we are aware of the importance of medical spa, helped us to design a unique medical spa area which lives up to the highest expectations regarding sports and medicine and puts the main focus on prevention, rehabilitation and diagnostics.

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Facts and Figures
Project: The Cube/Dubai
Total costs: 7,8 Mio. Euro
Client: BMG Group
Period of
Planning work started in May 2007, opening scheduled for 2010
Size: 2,200 m² + 1,800 m² pool area (concept only, no detailed planning)
Topic: Medical spa specialising in sports diagnostics and prevention treatments
Acknowledgement by the client

“Dubai Sports City is not only a major development project – it is also an important asset for the region in attracting revenue and also contributing to a wider culture of involvement in sport. The BMG Group continues to drive forward its commitment to deliver the Cube as an iconic residence of outstanding quality that compliments & promotes the international image of Dubai and that of Dubai Sports City”, Gerd Wuhlert, Managing Director, BMG Group

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