Tropical Islands

The project demands the construction of spa, leisure and entertainment worlds embedded in a lush tropical rainforest setting. The individual spa installations are situated in various buildings that all have their respective themes. The entire spa area is covered by the green roof of a tropical rainforest.

The central area is themed Jungle Village and includes a floral steam bath, herbal sauna, tree sauna and a great variety of multi-sensory showers. Elephanta Temple which is originally situated on an Indian island opposite to Mumbai is another highlight of the spa. It includes two Ayurveda treatment rooms and a spacious crystal steam room with rose quartz, rock crystal and amethyst as well as various showers for cooling-down.

The Asian relaxation area features dimmed light and background music for meditation. This is the perfect setting for total relaxation.

Next to the Asian pavilion the visitors will find a replica of Ta Phrom, one of the temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. We replicated the part of the temple that features the rudiments of the strangler fig. Here we installed an earth sauna, various multi-sensory showers and a spoondrift corridor.

The Sicilian Alcantara Canyon is a landscape of black basaltic stone and has been reconstructed at Tropical Islands true to the original. Visitors can enjoy total relaxation in the healing earth bath and in the salt grotto. The combination of Himalayan salt stones and a rise of temperature create a briny atmosphere which has a healing effect on the body.

At the Sea Shell Restaurant visitors can choose from a wide range of international delicacies.

Our services
We are responsible for the spa concept, planning of realisation, tendering procedure and award, project supervision, spa equipment design, turn-key spa, equipment implementation, choosing the right names for the individual spa installations.

We were facing the construction of an entire jungle village and the surrounding jungle in a 66,000 square metres hall within a construction period of merely three months while operations were running. The assembly was partly carried out twenty-four-seven with only one access available. So all components had to be directly assembled and the storage space was minimal.

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Facts and Figures
Project: Tropical Islands
Total costs: € 4.200.000,--
Client: Tropical Islands Management GmbH
Period of
March 2007 to August 2007, with a construction time of merely three months
Size: 10,000 m² spa area
Topic: Malaysian-style spa area embedded in a jungle setting
Acknowledgement by the client

"The following three factors were decisive for commissioning Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design: extraordinary ideas and unique spa installations, the extensive service package which was extremely profitable for the client – from planning phase to high-quality realisation, and the company`s international experience with spa areas which can be perfectly applied to the European market."

Ole Bested Hensing,
CEO of Tropical Islands

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