Waldhotel National Arosa

The creation of an extraordinary natural spa experience world was the dominating idea of the Salus Spa conception. The Spa concept meets future guest expectations in that it offers an innovative and holistic spa experience that appeals to all senses and focuses on the health-enhancing aspect of treatments and spa experiences offered.

Nature and the re-interpretation of local themes and traditions were another leitmotif in the conception of the spa, as was the focus on sustainability. In design and spa concept the Salus Spa focuses on regional culture, traditional lifestyle and natural materials, colours, shapes and flavours of the region, like stone, wood, leather, or clay as well as plants and herbs. Those regional elements are impressively combined with global accents such as rock salt from the Himalaya region or spa traditions of the orient.

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  • Concept Strategy and Schematic Design
  • Interior Planning & Design
  • Development & Technical Detailed Planning of Spa Equipment
  • M&E Concept Planning
  • M&E Location Planning
  • Turn Key Spa Area

Waldhotel Film
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Facts and Figures
Project: Waldhotel National Arosa
Client: Andy Abplanalp
Period of realisation: June to December 2012
Scope of the project: 400 m²
Topic: Salus (female goddess)
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