Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift **** Superior

The innovative approach will develop the perfect ambience for guests of the Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift to indulge in a new sense of well-being.

The superior four star hotel Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift was renewed and expanded by company Schletterer within 9 months including planning. The hotel features 65 rooms and suites in modern wave of Tyrolien design and the wonderful Nature Spa. This project represents additional benefit for the future guests, as well as the owners of the hotel. Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift is located in Tyrol’s second biggest land mass, it is situated about 25 km south of the capital province, Innsbruck, at an altitude of 1000 m. The comfortable rooms and suites are beautifully furnished, providing all imaginable conveniences.

At Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift there are winter and summer sport activities for every taste, including very popular sports such as golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding and sledging. After a day full of outdoor activities you can swim in one of the hotels indoor or outdoor pools and relax in the excellent spa area.

The new spa area includes:
  • Spacious thermal area, consisting of for example an aroma steam bath, infrared cabin, herbal sauna, Edelstein stem bath, Alps Salt grotto
  • In the pool area there is a spacious indoor pool, the new blue Grotto, where guest can experience the ultimate health experience, children’s pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpools and lightening & thunder shower, showers featuring 3 seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn), and also an ice bowl depicting winter time
  • Spa treatments such as sports massage, foot reflexology massage, are just a taste of the treatments available
  • Beauty treatments such as skin care, peeling, salt therapy, anti-stress treatment etc.
  • Health treatments, which can measure, equalize your energetic condition and constitution using TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), or Ayurveda and orthodox medicine.

Heinz Schletterer says that the guests appreciate the fact that they can experience new and exciting things that are also beneficial to them, and will as a result react with enthusiasm and be happy to return in the future. The creative team at Schletterer stayed with this approach and created a spa that is full of surprises and innovations. Classical treatments have been combined with traditional and modern spa services in order to create a soothing and relaxing spa experience.

The Herbal bath with a radian heat system, in ancient times was called by the Romans, a "Tepidarium". With a temperature of 39 °C, this bath creates an artificial body temperature, which is the best base for relieving and strengthening your immune system. The influence of the radiating warmth helps to regenerate, having a positive effect on pain relief, muscle relaxation, also encouraging blood flow and metabolism stimulation. This process in turn, gives the guest a feeling of being relaxed and secure. The Herbal bath can help to increase your immune system, helping to alleviate illness.

The team at Schletterer have created in the Spa sphere a modern, but authentic design concept is, which will determine the success of the whole spa. The walls and ceilings of the entire spa area are covered with the outlines of the hills and valleys of the surrounding area. In order to protect the authenticity of the environment we stayed with the exclusive use of local and natural materials. To unite nature and the surroundings with the bedrooms and spa, we created a very natural design in both of these areas.

Furthermore, the Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift offers a fantastic approach to well-being. In each spa area we tried to create a unique atmosphere, where most of five senses – see, hear, smell, feel, taste – are stimulated. For example in the aroma steam bath, guests can feel the warming temperature of around 45° C, see nature pictures on a multimedia screen, and smell Alpine herbs. By adding essences with the fragrance of flowers like Chamomile, your physical and mental well-being is increased.

The guests can indulge in a new experience of recreation in several unique relaxation areas, one of which includes a fireplace and comfortable and cosy armchairs within the relaxation room, Dream Land relaxation room has warm water beds helping to bring you to complete relaxation - in a land of dreams, last but not least a spacious vitamin lounge as well as a reading relaxation area which includes a small library is also available. The holistic approach of the spa area allows the guests to sense well-being.

Only the holistic approach of the spa area allows the guests to sense well-being. At the same time the spa guest get featured fantastic spa services to improve their health & vitality.

Services by Schletterer®
  • building design of the whole project
  • complete spa concept, spa interior and spa equipment design
  • planning and gaining permission to build
  • detailed planning
  • site management
  • interior design of the hotel rooms and suites

  • Lack of space for the new spa area and the new hotel wing with the 10 rooms & suites.
  • The design of the original part of the hotel should harmonize with new spa and hotel design.
  • The period of spa realisation was only 40 working days, from the start of structural work to commissioning date

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Facts and Figures
Project: Sport & Wellnesshotel Neustift **** Superior
Client: Pfurtscheller GesmbH
Period of realisation: January to September 2009, Spa realisation from 4.05 – 26.06 (40 working days)
Size: 900 m2 Spa area and 10 hotel rooms and suites
Investment: Entire hotel & spa: € 3.5 million
Topic: Conception of a Nature Spa and the design of a new hotel Wing.
Acknowledgement by the client

“For our recent challenging project, we needed to find a partner who would help us turn our creative vision into reality. With Schletterer, we had the perfect partner; we had already been working with them for 15 years on many outstanding projects. To successfully expand the hotel and spa, it was crucial to use innovative ideas, make optimal use of the available space, and create an oasis for the senses. This masterpiece was realised within two months, and is now inspiring our guests with its authenticity and modern design. Creativity, reliability and innovation distinguish Schletterer time and time again. We are happy to take this opportunity to truly thank Schletterer, and in particular Heinz Schletterer himself, for the deep personal commitment to the project, and for the outstanding cooperation”.

Rudolf Pfurtscheller - Eigentümer

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