Wellnesshotel Bayerwaldhof

The very essence of spa! Bayerwaldhof is located at a secluded place which is perfect to escape the noise and the humdrum of everyday life. The forests, meadows and soft hills represent the ideal surrounding to recharge your batteries.

As soon as the guest enters the area he will experience a world of natural cosiness. The use of various kinds of antique wood contributes to the traditional Bavarian flair. The perfect combination of Bavarian and modern design elements creates a fascinating atmosphere full of surprises.

An essential part of the spa concept is to establish a strong relationship to nature. As a result Bayerwaldhof features a panorama lakeside sauna including a fantastic relaxation area that has a magnificent view of the especially designed swimming lake. Here the guests can indulge in the change each season brings about.

The spacious, park-like garden is the ideal place to relax and unwind. And it is also used for various spa treatments and activities. The guests can follow a contemplation path that leads through bamboo forests and fields of herbs, after crossing various bridges it finally ends at a number of placid pavilions. A small spring rises at a stone tower, grows to a small stream and finally flows into the lake. The guests are invited to enjoy the sun and water while relaxing in comfortable sun beds.


Concept, planning and design of:

  • The entire spa and beauty area
  • Lakeside sauna
  • Spa garden

Design and realisation of the following spa equipment:

  • Laconium
  • Saltwater steam bath
  • Steam bath
  • Herbal bath
  • Snail showers
  • Kneippism
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Facts and Figures
Project: Wellnesshotel Bayerwaldhof, Bad Kötzing, Germany
Client: Wellnesshotel Bayerwaldhof, Familie Mühlbauer
Period of realisation: Several phases of construction within two years
Size: 4,000 square metres
Topic: Bavarian tradition combined with an ideal amount of modernity
Clients contact

Wellnesshotel Bayerwaldhof
93444 Bad Kötzting
Liebenstein 25
Tel: 09941 / 947950
Fax: 09941 / 9479530
E-Mail: info@bayerwaldhof.de

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