Medical Hospitality & Medical Spa
The terms "Medical Hospitality" and "Medical Spa" are very popular at the moment. It is generally considered a further development of everything that was previously related to spa. We are convinced, however, that this development is a side-effect of today`s increased health- consciousness. Medical Hospitality & Medical Spa stands for a much more, specialised approach taking into consideration every aspect of health and vitality and sees an essential necessity in medical coaching. An atmosphere of well-being guarantees that the guests can indulge in their vitality. Traditional spa treatments are used in combination with various forms of therapy.

Spa Audit
The Spa Audit is a comprehensive, systematic and periodic inspection of the spa. It is not subject to directives. Problems will be discovered and unutilised potentials will be detected. By following the action plan, problems can be solved and the economic situation improved in order to guarantee top quality services for the guest and highest profitability for the spa operator. The spa audit includes engineering and marketing aspects, the organisation within the spa area, aspects of system engineering and the success factors of the operating spa.

Hotel Spa Suite
The Hotel Spa Suite is an especially well equipped hotel room featuring its own private spa area. The Hotel Spa Suite usually includes steam room, whirlpool, treatment bed, and even a small sauna. By offering hotel spa suites the hotelier can provide a higher level of comfort to his guests. They may enjoy their private spa experience without having to leave the room. As hotel spa suites demand sophisticated room design we absolutely advise the consultation of a spa designer.

Private Spa Suite
A Private Spa Suite is a separate section of a hotel spa or day spa that can be rented for private use. It comprises of a great variety of spa equipment such as sauna, steam room, special treatment beds, and a relaxation room reserved for partner treatments or triple treatments. A private spa suite guarantees the experience of total relaxation in a private atmosphere.

Garden Spa
The Garden Spa is an outdoor spa area. Here people can enjoy soothing spa treatments with the starry sky stretching out above them. This is the ideal spa solution for hotels and individuals who want to achieve a combination of spa, health and nature. In addition, garden spas facilitate the extension of existing spa areas as extensive construction work of the interior can be avoided. All Garden spas are individually designed according to the respective strategic alignment of the hotels. The spa equipment may range from traditional installations such as sauna, steam room, Laconium, etc. to whirlpools and small refreshment ponds as well as special treatment beds. The establishment of a garden spa constitutes an alternative way to extend your spa area if no additional amount of space is available indoors. The surrounding scenery can be integrated in the spa, and the natural conditions such as fresh air and sunshine can be used to create a unique spa experience.

Ladies Spa
The term Ladies Spa either corresponds to a day spa specializing in female spa guests, or to the section of a spa area that is reserved for ladies only. The Ladies Spa is becoming more and more attractive as many women prefer to use single sex spas, while enjoying comprehensive spa treatments. Here it is crucial to meet the expectations of the female guest when it comes to functionality, interior design, equipment design, and range of services and treatments. Turnkey realisation means that we provide the client with a complete package of services, including observance of the completion date, guarantee of quality and costs. The client doesn’t have to care about any delineation or scope of services between architectural planners and architects. We take care of regulatory framework, negotiations, etc. Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design provides hotel and spa analysis, hotel architecture, hotel interior design, building services. This means we take care of the entire hotel and spa planning and guarantee realisation, meeting all conditions agreed upon.

Holistic Spa
Holistic Spa, stands for a spa area that has been designed to activate all five senses by a great variety of measures in order to provide the unique sensation of well-being. We adjust the functionalities of your spa according to the focus and the target group. A modern spa facility can draw on any bathing culture of the world. Any style is possible. In the end, we aim at making your guest love your spa so they will come back again. Funciontalities of spa`s: - sauna, thermal and refreshing areas - relaxation areas – meditation – communicative relaxation - treatments – massage – beauty - hotel spa suite - swimming pool and special pools - fitness and workout - medical facilities - reception – bistro – shop – changing rooms

Holistic cocooning
The Holistic Cocooning Bed is a state-of-the-art multifunctional treatment bed, which has a positive effect on the guest`s respiration. In addition to the respective body treatment the guest will feel absolute relaxation caused by the positive stimulation of four of his or her senses (hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling). The Holistic Cocooning Bed creates a soothing effect on both body and mind.
An especially composed sound concept is based on the teachings of the four temperaments each human being is subject to. While the guest is listening to the music, positive emotions are encouraged and negative emotions are eliminated.
In addition, the Holistic Cocooning Bed features a special respiratory rhythm device. As soon as the guest is lying down,
his respiratory rhythm will be supervised. He will be animated to reduce the usual breathing rate of twelve rates per minute to ten, maximum 8 breathing rates per minute. In combination with the sound concept this will result in a state of total relaxation.
The treatment is brought to perfection by visual light therapy and aromatherapy and will last 25 minutes.

Ayurveda is a very old system and lifestyle based on ancient oriental texts and wisdoms called “Vedas”. Out of this ancient oriental knowledge a complete lifestyle is developed and lived on a daily basis in oriental cultures. These wisdoms and practices consider the human experience as a “Whole”, therefore the term holistic, mental, physical and spiritual.

Aqua-Veda table
The Aqua-Veda Bed is a multifunctional bed which can be used for hydrotherapies as well as traditional and Indian Ayurveda treatments. Spa guests may be pampered with oil massages, soap brush massages, Vichy treatments, traditional massages, hot stone therapies and wet packs.

The Vichy-Shower is a hydro massage that has been developed in the French health resort of Vichy. There are five to seven shower heads adjusted in a horizontal position. Light to heavy showers then massage the guest whilst lying on the massage bed. The treatment acts as a stimulant to the body circulation and has both a stress relieving and moisturizing effect.

Soap brush massage
The soap brush massage technique has been developed in the Orient. It is a pleasant and intensive body treatment and has a purifying and circulation-enhancing effect. This deep-cleansing treatment will help to remove dead skin cells from the body. Warm water baths prepare the body for the massage. Then the guest positions himself on the warm soap brush bed and the 25 minute treatment begins. The aromatic lather which is applied to the skin with a brush has a pH-value between 7 and 8. The guests will notice the effect of the massage immediately after the treatment; the skin appearance is smooth and fresh and will stay in this condition for a long time.

Foot Reflexology Hydro Therapy
The Foot Reflexology Hydro Therapy is more than a foot massage. Six massage jets are directed to certain parts of your feet, where they not only stimulate individuals points, but also entire zones. The jets are arranged such as to cover all shoes sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7. A theraphist can be consulted on how to use the jets to treat additional foot reflex points and zones. The 15 minute treatment creates the positive stimulation of the small intestine, stomach, pancreas, liver, heart and diaphragm. The vitalising treatment is brought to perfection by light and aroma therapies, which are especially selected for the guest.

Signature Treatment
A Signature Treatment is a treatment that has been especially created for one particular spa. As a result a special feature is added to the range of services offered by the spa. The Signature Treatment may be one treatment only or a special triple treatment. The respective Signature Treatment and its ingredients are selected according to the spa`s orientation and target group.

Day Spa
A Day Spa may either be the spa area of a hotel or beauty salon, or a stand-alone day spa, where a great variety of beauty and body treatments are offered. A day spa is open to the public. Here the guests will be pampered with a range of services for either a few hours or an entire day. Additional to the classic pampering day spa`s there are destination spa`s. this kind of business model in the wellness & spa industry is specialised on a topic as sport, beauty or water. Depending on the specialisation of the destination spa there will be offered special medical and pampering spa services as well as signature treatments.

Stand-Alone Spa
A stand-alone spa is a day spa for day guests only. It specialises in top quality spa services. The comprehensive range of services includes traditional spa installations such as sauna, steam room and herbal bath, but also specific spa treatments such as Ayurveda, hot stone, Thai massages, Lomi Lomi, various healing and caring wet packs and even beauty treatments for face, hair and nails. In general, stand-alone spas offer services for ladies and gentlemen as well as special dual treatments.

Spa Trilogy
A Spa Trilogy is composed of three different treatment stages. The guest can either indulge in the treatments on his own or share them with someone close to him. The treatments are selected and combined according to the needs of the respective client, and are always assisted by a therapist. The trilogy usually starts with preparing the body for treatment. This is followed by the actual treatment and a soothing after treatment. In addition, a spa trilogy is always concluded with some time of repose.

Partner Treatments
As the name implies, Partner Treatments are spa treatments in the spa suite of a spa area that are enjoyed together with a partner. The ceremony or spa trilogy is usually assisted by a therapist and can last up to three hours.

Both Laconium and Tepidarium are traditional pieces of spa equipment, invented by the Romans to stimulate perspiration and purification. The Laconium has a maximum temperature of 55°C; the Tepidarium has only 39°C. In contrast to a sauna where the temperature is raised through heating the air, heat transmission takes place via radiant heat in the seat benches here. Long wave heat rays cause effective and consistent warming of all solid state bodies. After a period of 15 to 20 minutes the body starts sweating heavily and the process of purification and other positive effects are about to start. This spa installation is especially suitable for those who are looking for a less intensive alternative to the Finnish sauna (children, pregnant women, senior citizens, sauna newcomers).

Herbal Bath
The Herbal Bath is a pleasant relacation bath based on the healing effects of natural herbs. It combines radiant heat with selected herbs that make it different from other hot rooms. At a temperature of approximately 55 – 65°C a fully automatic system lets out small streams of water onto the herbs. The Herbal Bath not only causes healthy perspiring; it also opens the pores and activates the metabolism of theskin. The nurturing impact of the herbs and the aromas affects the respiratory organs positively and is very revitalising.

Serail Bath – Rasul Bath
A Serail or Rasul Bath is a unique combination of pleasant and nurturing wet packs treatments plus steam room. After a warming period a choice of mud or body mask is applied all over the dry body. The heated walls and seats cause the mud to dry more quickly. After the treatment have dried the Serail Bath cabin is filled with steam enriched with herbal aromas. The steam, together with a smooth massage enforces the positive effect of the mud or mask. The wet packs do not just have a pleasant and nurturing effect, they are also important for detoxifying the body. Finally there are different variations of showers integrated within the cabin for washing off the mud or body mask.

Infinity Solo Pool
The newly developed, ergonomically designed one person pool with its water jets at the back and side areas provides sensational relaxation whilst removing stress from the muscles. For anybody seeking relaxation, it is not just an immersion into water but also into a personal world of colour. A special lighting mood, as well as a unique aroma therapy unit helps your relax.

The Latin acronym SPA stands for “sanum per aquam“, which means ”staying healthy by using water“. The international association of spa operators (International Spa Association, ISPA) offers the following definition: “The intention of a spa is to improve the general well-being by offering a wide range of professional services. As a result body, mind and soul will be revitalised.”

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