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Feasibility Study und Profit & Loss

After the strategic marketing and architecture concept has been defined we assess the operating efficiency to make sure that the expected return on investment will be made.

Our internationally experienced finance experts at Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design will establish a detailed financial plan, which will help manage cash flows and costs rigorously.

Your benefits:
  • clearly defined price structures for all functional areas
  • clear overview of staff, operating, sales and administrational costs
  • forecast of expected profits forecast of expected return on investment
Spa Audit

Profitability and top quality of the spa facilities will be in future the key factors of hotels. After a 20-year spa evolution we are now seeing particularly in the European Union – a phase of maturity on the market. In the future, only those offering high quality and innovative products and services will be successful.

Our SPA Audit constitutes a comprehensive, systematic, regular and independent evaluation of your spa facility. It unveils weaknesses and unused potential within the entire spa and examines its profitability and quality. We consider the spa an integral part of the hotel rather than a separate, isolated area. This is why our spa audit also benefits the hotel. That way, a complete analysis of the current state can be made.

Our Spa Audits, which are conducted by our Management Division, are among the most comprehensive worldwide. 19 survey areas are analysed with almost 300 questions. Ultimately, it shall turn your spa into a successful profit centre and a unique refuge for relaxation for your guests.

Your benefits:
  • assessment of the quality and profitability of your spa
  • detection of weaknesses and unused potential
  • clear recommendations with an according action plan
  • certificate in cases of “excellent”, “very good” and “good” results
Multimedia Spa Audit Broshure
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