“Nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo)

Our marketing specialist will analyse your situation carefully and will develop an authentic and long term-oriented successful hotel and spa concept with a clear mission statement. We will support you to create a vision and to implement operative measures.


This is the guiding principle for our marketing experts when they work out a strategic hotel concept and spa concept for you. They start out with a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the market before they define the business strategy. A company cannot survive in the long term if there is no clearly defined business strategy that gives it a unique and authentic identity. All other services like the hotel architecture, the interior design and the spa design are based on this strategy. This ensures that your project will be a coherent and harmonious whole.

Our services:
  • market and competitive analysis
  • strategic hotel concept or spa concept
  • development of a hotel and spa brand

Operational Spa marketing

Every marketing strategy must be closely tied to operative marketing measures. Based on the strategy, we define marketing measures and budgets for the particular target groups, cooperating closely with communication experts from the various fields. Marketing measures must always be long-term and consistent to ensure that there is a continuously strong presence on the market.

Our services:
  • pre-opening marketing concept
  • ongoing marketing concepts
  • membership programmes
  • ongoing marketing assistance graphic design/texting/concepts for brochures and print materials

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