“Enjoy the luxury of feeling safe and secure”

Just lean back and relax. This is our slogan for you when you choose a turn-key project. In this case, we not only realise your entire turn-key project, but we also provide you with a cost and quality guarantee and a fixed date of completion beforehand. We will explicitely define interfaces with your architect and your engineers to ensure a highly efficient workflow.

Your benefits:

  • fixed costs, quality and deadlines
  • just one person in charge for answering any questions
  • no extra time and effort for coordinating the workflow
  • substantial savings on costs as we purchase large volumes and receive considerably lower prices
  • higher efficiency and lower costs as you will not have to coordinate the interaction between architects, engineers, structural engineers and the construction company
  • substantial savings on additional costs as you will not have to pay for tenders, cost calculations and site supervision
Turn Key: Spa Facility Impression
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